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Felice Hodge


Felice Hodge


Primo Noir, LLC Botanicals

Felice, a native Washingtonian obtained her Bachelor's in English & Telecommunications from the University of Maryland Eastern Shore in 1998 & certification as a Natural Hair Stylist from Prince George’s Community College in 1999. She has decades of experience in urban & rural farming, she became a Maryland Master Gardener (PG County) in 2022, as well as a member of the National Herb Society (Potomac region) in 2021.


Intrigued by the use of plants for personal care and beauty Felice developed a love for agriculture as a youth during summers spent with family who were subsistence farmers in Georgia.  After years developing plant-based personal care, she started Primo Noir Botanicals to offer urban farming & plant-based personal care initiatives throughout the Washington metropolitan area and online.


Felice is a devoted Mom of 3 and remains committed to inspiring and facilitating opportunities to increase global awareness of the beneficial uses of nature in the beauty industry.

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